Oh Deer {Picks of the Week}

My new obsession, -I think this one is highly excusable because of how cute and lovely these are to have in the home and as decorations. Vintage Deers, those kitsch, wide eyed, playful looking ornament's plus those tiny little ones you get on christmas cakes. Quite frankly  I'm really into my Vintage at the moment, with a store called the Magie's Nest now open literally across the road from me!- I am very excited and looking forward to indulging in all the finds it has on it's shelves.
Thus far, I have found many the usual trinket's, such as; lighters, cutlery, perfume bottles {yay} Fabrics, Toy's etc.
Also, for all of you lovely blogger's out there who have heard my rambling's about an Etsy shop, I've finally established what I'm going to be selling to the Etsy community of Vintage and Handmade shoppers!
It's called "The Vintage Pin" It's a place of the thrifted, hand-made and truly unique. I will keep you all up to date on it's development!

I hope I can share some of it's goodies with you in the next few week's, -praying I get a job soon to pay for them! Until then here's some of my most recent finds;

&& for those of you interested in the un-wanted, second hand and Vintage look keep your eyes out for additions on my Blog Shop, trying to push these item's as they are just being un-worn and un-used and it's a sad-shame! Let me know if your interested by emailing me over at;


  1. I have a thang for deer as well, Topshop have a cute deer print skirt in at the moment, I want it very much!

  2. Deers are super cute! I love the 1950's German style deer decorations, but don't own any personally!

  3. oh my gosh wow they are so cute, especially the first one! it looks like Bambi :)
    Love Holz oxo

  4. great post!so cute!!!!!! and great blog! found you via bbu blog hop! =)

  5. @Catherine Oh really? I love topshop clothing, i've not shopped there in months though! deer's should on more designs aha :)

    @Celeste Yeah I know the one's you mean, they are lovely, I've just bought a deer for my desk, it looked huge on the pic, bet it will be tiny when it arrives now haha :P : )

    @HolziePink Aha they do don't they?! :)
    @CureandGirlyDMS Thank you :) oh will check your's out now!


  6. Such a cute post, I love deers too! They always remind me of Bambi the film. Hopefully the cat print trend will develop in to a deer print trend :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  7. @Jessica, thank you :) aha yeah! with the wide eyes and eyelashes aha :) yeah let's hope :) will take a look now :) xx

  8. So cute! My great-grandma had a little vintage bobble-head deer I would LOVE to find!

  9. I love your blog...I have added your button to my page.

    Take a look at my blog and let me know what you think


  10. Wow!!!So cute so lovely!!!Love it very much!!

  11. Wow. These photos are absolutely brilliant

  12. All pictures are so nice and cute.Like this!!

  13. postingan yang bagus tentang"Oh Deer {Picks of the Week}"

  14. O I've definitely been obsessed with deer this season. I moved to a new apartment and now from my third floor porch and can watch deer walk by in the woods in the evenings. Now I've begun to love them!

    I found your blog through the BBN tea lovers group and I'm so glad I did! I keep scrolling through your posts! haha! I can't wait to read more from you soon!

    Your Newest Follower,

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