I needed to vent my pure love for the "Kitschmas" trend.  I love it and stores like Paperchase have gone hell for leather- so to speak on this style for Christmas 2014.  I have gone for the look this season with a gorgeous fluffy 7ft white christmas tree with metallic multi coloured glass baubles and a variable of pastel glitter coated deer decorations. (One of which can be seen above, along with the baubles!)
 Please take the time to indulge in the Christmas wreaths and of course a Barbie decorated tree (Hey, why not?) My eternal love for plastic resin old school deers is still quite modest with only a few in my possession but I'd love to have them posed around the house! 

Spring Prints

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My May looks to be turning into a month orientated around fabric, florals, sewing tools and a dash of polka dots for good measure.   I've got little left of two months to finish my year at university until September with two finished garments to be completed, styled/ photographed and modelled, so no pressure then?
I've just started my new job at Cath Kidston (eeeee!) so thats going to be brilliant for inspiration but terrible for my bank balance! (I already have a new outfit) See above.
My new Paperchase organiser you can see also, is yet to be unpackaged as it only commences from July this year.  I am constantly trying to find ways to keep myself organised in the most efficient way possible and this beautifully patterned diary should do just that.  You can probably also make out a cheeky box of Viennese truffles, these were a little treat for myself from Thornton's and absolutely gorgeous and the box has conveniently doubled up as a holder for my rings (well thats my justification for buying them anyway! ;])

Top buys for April 2014

Hemsley & Hemsley/ "The art of eating well"- £25.00
Flamingo Candle/ Classic jar- £12.00
John Lewis/ Mini sewing machine in Fuchsia- £49.00
Love from Hetty & Dave/ Personalised double heart brooch- £38.00

Spring/Summer for me is about pinks, mint greens, more salads and less hot foods, fresh smelling rooms and hazy afternoon sunshine.  Maybe, (if everything goes according to plan) I will getting a new place with my boyfriend in the Summer months to come.  I've been stashing away new tea towel sets, fairy lights and decorations to save for the new pad and can't wait to really personalise a new environment.
I want homely with a sense of kitsch, light rooms with pale colours and very particular lighting for the evening time. I'm probably going to incorporate my use of Pinterest to create a room decor ideas board! My top buys for April are based on my love of cooking, sewing, sweet smells and personalised jewellery. 

  I came across the family based business earlier last month and have been keeping track of the websites recipes and online blog. I love my cookery books and new ideas to try and make, the chocolate cookie recipe looks delicious and these Coconut iced banana malt cakes are amazing! 

Coconut iced banana malt cakes/ Chocolate Chip Cookies
/Flamingo Candles
  These candles are amazing, I've wanted one for ages BUT, I can't decide on a scent! The flavours range anywhere from Candyfloss Candy shop, Bubblegum to White tea and mint. YUM.

  Need I say more? it's hot pink or fuchsia and has the smaller more portable size of a mini machine.  I do like the idea of building up a bit of stash of machines to keep for different things. My singer which sits looking very regal is un-used because I'm too worried I'll damage it and my Brother is still half way though decoration. 

  I love anything I can swear which is personalised, Hetty & Dave provide just that from these brooches to necklaces. Hetty & Dave sell all types of accessories and jewellery in bright leathers, hand stitched in fun designs like watermelons and tigers. 

Amy Winehouse wearing the heart brooch/ My version from Mollie Makes issue 36 template

Pokemon/Art Deco


Professional graphic designer Chu has created these amazing Art Deco style posters based around Kanto's inhabitants, Pokemon!  I'm a BIG fan of both these elements and these images are perfect for decorating anyones home who loves Pokemon too! Even if your not a Pokemon fan the soft colouring and bold rich fonts are stylish enough! I just hope he makes more!I'm getting really back into my Pokemon trading cards obsession at the moment, I lost a lot of my own cards when I was about 16 and regretted not keeping a better track on them.  The prices some of them go for nowadays are crazy! To think I had a shiny- almost everything!

BlackMilk/ Game Of Thrones

Okay, so I was totally excited when I caught a glimpse of the collection BlackMilk have done inspired by the brilliant HBO show Game of Thrones.  The collection includes the staple fitted and skater dress, leggings and swimsuit all in a variable of G.O.T themes including the Westeros landscape, dragon scales  and house asscoaited shooter tops.  
I couldn't resist my inner Daenerys Targaryen and got the Westeros fitted dress, I have one of the galaxy print dresses and I love how figure hugging it is.  This collection has to be one of the coolest I've seen recently and I'm thankful in a way my student finance hasn't come through yet because it would already be spent! 
Check the video out HERE for the collection.

Who doesn't want to look as badass as Dany?

Ruby Rockcake

Whilst away on holiday we ended up in Lyme Regis again like Weymouth on the coast and with a bustling little town with one hell of a hill to climb up!  I'm not too much into fossils so was on the hunt for stuff to bring back from our trip.

Ruby Rockcake  is located on the main street in town and is full of lovely household items and accessories.  Selling everything from novelty lighting to tea towels me and partner found at least five things in there we wanted within five minutes of entering the shop! (The flamingo lights above I'd been on the hunt for since last year!)  I came across a super cute white rabbit night light I couldn't resist and a heart pin wheel (can never have enough pins!)

My boyfriend loved the Blossom and Bill tea towels so I bought him the pink one for when we are in our new home later this year! :) I still have a ton of wish list items from the RR website including the Rob Ryan egg cups, Dolly girl retro lunchbox and the Rice Gnome candles.

I adore shops alike to that of a Aladdin's cave of items and this store is just that, nestled into the high streets pretty line up of shops this is a must for any kitsch creative with home styling and love of unique pieces. This is only my second trip to the shop (first time I bought my pastel dotty bunting!) But it's on my list to go back to next time I'm down south.

Check out the store HERE they are also on Instagram  which is packed with images of the shops lovely items.

Flamingo lights- £14.99
Blossom and Bill tea towel- £10.00
Heart Pin wheel- £2.50
Bunny light up night light- £4.99

Sophia's Kitchen

 Last week I travelled down to Weymouth in Dorset to see my family for the half term and get a break away to see some sun and sea. Even though the day's previous had anticipated horrific winds rain and weather overall me and Jonny were greeted with sun!  We did the usual shop hunting, pub hopping and strolling, knowing Weymouth since I was young so I'm familiar with the fish and chip shop's and seaside associated cuisine, however these days there is now at least one of each; Costa, Cafe Nero's and Starbucks when it comes to coffee shops.  Being a previous Starbucks loyalist I now try and find my filter coffee and sandwiches for less when out and about and keep the cost of eating out down as much as possible.
Pacing down St. Mary's street I was very fortunate to come across the lovely Sophia's Kitchen, shabby chic, fairy light lit and gorgeously decorated with floral bunting, wicker hearts and cushion covers reminiscent of antique french fabric this little coffee shop hosted a warm and welcoming feeling that you would not get in the likes of a big coffee shop company. Family owned, Sophia's offers a lovely retreat back to a "time for tea" feeling you need sometimes to re-engage after a long day.  A display of cakes and cookies greets you on entrance and a array of hot drinks to choose from.
Tea is served in beautiful teapots with matching tea cup's and food on a heart shaped wooden board.
A lot of the decor and furnishing's are actually purchasable including the teapot and teacup sets.  For someone looking for  unique and vintage feeling item's that are very reasonably priced, this little coffee shop sells just that.  I purchased a hanging wood heart picture frame and a set of 3 pastel china trinket boxes.  I did want the gorgeous gold painted cupid picture holder's that were only £1.50 but Jonny thought it was too girly. (haha)

If your local or just visiting I would highly recommend Sophia's Kitchen to the tea drinkers and cake lovers out there.  The price of a large chicken and bacon baguette, crisps, tea for two and 3 scrumptious chocolate cookies was less than £10, now try doing that at Starbucks! ;)


Hello 2014


I've tried to not buy much after Christmas because I splurged on gift buying.  So far I've not done too badly but some stuff has sneaked through onto my bank balance, above as pictured are some of the things I couldn't resist. 

Iconemesis is a wonderful little online shop for your much needed iPhone case covers.  They work with independent artists to produce these truly lovely and unique accessories for your mobile.  Artists such as Sarah KingCat Sims and Fifi Lapin all feature in the designs available.  I couldn't resist the sale online at the moment and got my hands on the Fifi featured above, being a fashion design student seemed appropriate in a way and its so cute. 

Deborah Lippmann should win an award for making nail paint look so yummy, this leading to worry that maybe I will start biting my nails more as a result of purchasing her "I'm not edible" polish despite the name acting as a deterrent for such actions.  I found it online at a reduced price and at the time was torn between this one and the Illamasqua "Scarce" which is similar for the flecks in the paint  but more of a nude colour than lilac

- Delilah Dust  is where everyone should go for gorgeous pieces of jewellery, handcrafted and individually made and packaged for the customer, the shop sells beautiful Rings, Necklaces, top finger rings, bracelets and even iPhone cases too!  A lot of the items are made with rocks such as Amethyst, Agate & Crystal Quartz.  The pieces really are gorgeous and I couldn't resist the Druzy Fuchsia ring with the edged silver ring, the colour is amazing. 

I'd like to say for the sake of saving money this was everything I've ended up buying in sales this month but unfortunately i'd be lying.  I've had the second few hours of my tattoo done it's still yet to be coloured in, I go to an amazing guy in Chester city centre who I've been going to for almost a year now and his work is immaculate.  Check him out here.  On the ASOS sale I found a lovely Paul and Joe make up bag I NEEDED and have had a few lovely items from Crown and Glory, which I will post about soon enough separately :3

Best Wishes, 

Christmas Haul 2013

Merry Christmas 2013 everyone, hope lots of lovely things were delivered Christmas morning for you all :3
I really had a lovely Christmas, my favourite part being buying the gifts for everyone, I love spending the time debating the best stocking fillers, cards and ribbon and am pleased to say everyone was happy with their presses on Xmas morning!  So now I want to jump on somewhat of a bandwagon with the Christmas haul posts and share with you a few things purchased and some things I got for Christmas in this post.

1.  Smashbox.  My mum got me a set of three primers from them, I've been meaning to invest in a new primer since my Laura Mercier one ran out a few months ago, they make such a difference and your skin is incredibly soft after.  The set consisted of a hydrating, photo finish and "luminizing" miniature trio. I've used all three and found the photo finish is my favourite and the most sleek. I'd definatly recommend smash box the products are lovely and last all day!

2. Bleach London hair products.  I've never used Bleach products before, I saw them on a 3for2 at Boot's and thought I'd stock up. The white toner and silver conditioner are always going to be good for me and regularly used as I always keep on top of a brassy free Blonde when my pink hair fades.  The Rose dye is semi permanent as they usually are, I'm very curious to see the colour result and will write a post when I have done so!

3. Sugar skull mug.  My Boyfriend got me this and I love him even more for it! it's been sitting on my wish list for months, I'm using it as a pen pot out of fear of smashing it!

4. Pink glitter hard iPhone case/ Topshop.  I got this after needing something to hold simply my iPhone and my credit card it's durable, tough, only £15 and covered in glittering sequins, need I say anymore?

5. Lush light star bath melt.  Soak in glitter.

6. Red or Dead pink glittered heels.  Again from my boyfriend,  love at first sight, these bad boys are for special occasions

7. White rabbit vintage fabric purse.  Christmas present don't know where it was bought from but I love the print and the fabric and its big enough to carry your change and your lipstick in !


Dear all, with a complete lack of inter-webs for seven months I'd almost forgot about blogging- sad to say but, I'm back and in the midst of studying my degree and thus coming across a lot of interesting things I wouldn't mind sharing on Le crystal cat -yes originally known as Fashion breaks my heart.
the reason for my absence being I finally moved into my own home with my boyfriend and spent the best part of 3 months just decorating or at least deciding where to put all our things.  It's not the biggest of properties but being very cottage-like and tucked away from the main road it's been really pleasant a place to relax. 

Anyway, on with my post.  Rockabilly is my take on a brief I've been given at university studying sub-cultures, it felt the most relatable with my music taste, personal style and love for this whole vintage revival manifesting everywhere these days.  How can you not resist the look of a baby pink classic chevy or those victory rolls and 50's swing skirts? Rockabilly today in my opinion normally can be seen as beautiful ladies embracing a classic glamour and sometimes with the mix of alternative hair colours and tattooing adding to the look. It's about indulging in a era of Hollywood glamour pusses, the music, the brooding looks of James dean, that perfect housewife and her pastel kitchen, pristine, Elvis' hips and post-war rebirth.  I'm particularly working on topic of "Youth culture in the 1950's" and with  the 1950's having been described as the era that gave birth to the 'teenager'  and through music and style allowed young people to be individual and contrast from the conventions of the popular idealism of the "American dream" as described in a quote from the American dream exhibit website the description details your typical cereal box family; 
(" The American Dream for the 50's was that a young man would marry a young women and have three adorable little children. They would live in a cutout house in the suburbs. Each house should have a small TV, an adorable little kitchen, a nice well cut yard, and a white picket fence in the backyard. The family would have a dog named Rover, A three sport star son who never said a swear word named Johnny, and an innocent prom princess named Jenny who would never stay out with a boy later than three. The father would be a strong worker, making money for the family and to teach his son how to play baseball. The mother would be a house wife who would raise the children, clean the house, and tend to her husband once he came home."  )

The idea being, you left college married and became a housewife and after the second world war men wanted women out of the factories and back in the households.  I like to this new era of adolescent played to thinking out of the box of convention and strayed into those realms of dancing, smoking staying out late and being  more sexually aware turning the tables on the genders. Marilyn Monroe described in many ways as being to the contrary of her image a feminist and in terms of acts like owning her own production company and making a point not to be treated just as a bombshell without a thought of her own.  She has been said to have used her beauty to her advantage and created a persona to her audience and to the men in her world that so heavily domineered Hollywood at the time.  She was innocent and yet sexy and I like to believe she knew how to orchestrate what mother nature had given her to empower herself as an actress and liberate her as a woman. 
If you were a teenager in the 1950's would you not feel inspired by such a woman and curious and interested enough to develop yourself as not just a housewife but as a woman? 

Rockabilly I like to think is the image of that relationship and more. 

Of course I'm very much speaking about Rockabilly fashion in women and 1950's spirit but that's the area that's really defining for me to learn more about that shift in power and the tempting idea of birthing  a playful and mischievous new life for women  to start gently pulling away at the drawstrings of their pinnies and not bothering to cook dinner for six o'clock sharp.

Images above do not belong to me :) 

Free People

Hai guys :3 my posts seem to be getting slightly more regular as I'm adjusting all my time consuming activities around working on personal projects. This is just a ickle post about my latest purchase from the free  Being a hair dye enthusiast I get bored quickly and as my readers already know I change my colour almost weekly! I found out about hair chalk when a link for the free people's set was sent to me and was immediately curious how they worked and really what the point in them was.  The set I purchased contains around 24 different colours and shades of each to suit your mood and chalking desires.  As the box instructs and what is suggested through reviews I've read, follow these tips to achieve some fun colourful additions to your usual hair style :3

 * The way the colour takes is through dampening the hair in the areas you want to dye.
* Run the chalk lightly along the edge of the sectioned hair.
* Lightly use a hair dryer on a cool temperature
* Apply tongs or curling irons to areas coloured this helps the colour to stick to the hair for longer

-The colour will gradually be removed through shampooing the hair and lift without an fuss!
-Darker hair should really use vibrant strong colours to show up
-Personally for best results use on very clean well conditioned hair as the chalk can cause the hair to feel a bit dry.

Happy Chalking girlies!

Skulls and Roses

Hey guys! Im back after months of being a non-blogger!  I've been very busy with work and education and life in general really.  Firstly, I want to start off by wishing every lovely reader a blissful 2014 ahead of them! So far my year has started well, -fingers crossed.  
I've joined a gym and spa I'd been eyeing up for several months and finally found the motivation to get on it, so far not been that much due to my hours and trying to sort out a portfolio for uni application; which if anyone knows anything about please can you give me some little tips! :3
Right, so the banner above is just depicting some little thing's that I've been having fun with recently, my hair, as many of you already know is constantly changing and but I have finally settled (for now!) with a baby pink and lilac composition, inspired by my little ponies and a love for french macaroons, the picture of my above, although not very clear you can just about make out the stud in my nose! I got it pierced spontaneously whilst out with my best friend and I actually love how it looks :)  The happy face of a cat  with a crown in my new oversized top from Batoko which I loveee and looks great with my tattoo and glittery rip of converse. Last but not least is my gameboy pink :) been playing a lot of Pokemon recently since my boyfriend reintroduced me to the whole wondrous thing and now I'm addicted and devoted to levelling my Vulpix :)

My tattoo, an idea originally found on pinterest and I fell in love with it not usually into skulls but thought this design was so beautiful. My forth tattoo now and I was planning on not having anymore till I was twenty-five- that didn't work out! To co-inside with my latest inky addition I've been indulging at the fabulous Black Milk online store, firstly this Galaxy dress below, for me it's the most BM defining dress and the print is gorgeous the fits of their clothing show every curve and bump and do wonders for a push up bra!  
With joining this gym of mine I figured I needed a new swimsuit to mark the occasion and couldn't resist the Pegasus limited swimsuit and optional bodysuit. Any of you guys loving black milk and got any of their latest prints? Would love your comments on my new tatt girlies! xx

Let me eat cake

Hey there, above is a little collection of the photo's floating on my desktop screen at the moment.  It's official I've gone back to Pink hair, the pot said lavender and the colour I do recall being much darker, but hey-ho, it's baby soft pink :) my extensions also have gotten the full treatment too, so I'm working a full  back length of bubblegum pink!  The other picture's refer to my other colours I've had only since May! :) I know.. how do I have any left? but it's all in the Argon Oil Guys and Dolls! :)

As the name suggest's my current "re-obsession" is Marie Antoinette, considering the fate of this queen was very tragic, Sofia Coppola give's us a sweet taste and insight into the alternatively modern Kirstin Dunst adaption of the role.  An ideal life for a lover of fine fabrics, beautiful clothing, wonderful food and a wide and varied collection of exquisitely made Manolo Blahnik's.  Heaven, no? The Picture's above show some "pin's" of Antoinette inspired footwear and hosiery.  I really want someone to have a party soon so I can dress up as the pink haired version of Marie and wear my favourite glittery heels and powder myself up pale with ribbons and sequins! (: I'm thinking of doing this for my 21st in September I think it would be amazing! Macaroons provided with champagne flutes and edible glitter covered truffles. I think i'm on to something here..


Oh Deer {Picks of the Week}

My new obsession, -I think this one is highly excusable because of how cute and lovely these are to have in the home and as decorations. Vintage Deers, those kitsch, wide eyed, playful looking ornament's plus those tiny little ones you get on christmas cakes. Quite frankly  I'm really into my Vintage at the moment, with a store called the Magie's Nest now open literally across the road from me!- I am very excited and looking forward to indulging in all the finds it has on it's shelves.
Thus far, I have found many the usual trinket's, such as; lighters, cutlery, perfume bottles {yay} Fabrics, Toy's etc.
Also, for all of you lovely blogger's out there who have heard my rambling's about an Etsy shop, I've finally established what I'm going to be selling to the Etsy community of Vintage and Handmade shoppers!
It's called "The Vintage Pin" It's a place of the thrifted, hand-made and truly unique. I will keep you all up to date on it's development!

I hope I can share some of it's goodies with you in the next few week's, -praying I get a job soon to pay for them! Until then here's some of my most recent finds;

&& for those of you interested in the un-wanted, second hand and Vintage look keep your eyes out for additions on my Blog Shop, trying to push these item's as they are just being un-worn and un-used and it's a sad-shame! Let me know if your interested by emailing me over at;

The Secret Garden

Ever since moving into an apartment with no form of a garden I have found myself indulging in house plants. Since February I have acquired: two japanese peace lilies, three orchids, a cactus, a venus fly trap, a rose bush and a fern named Frances. I'm no expert on plant's and educating myself on their upkeep has been really interesting. I think my pining of a garden to sit in has meant I've surrounded myself with the colours and smells of these lovely plant's and flowers. I've found the Orchid's -which are apparently Britain's most popular house plant?- have been the most confusing to a new owner. When in full blossom, all flowered they are beautiful, but after a period of time the heads drop off and you wake up one morning to find the sad sight of a long green stem and four green leaves but no flowers. Apparently this is the time to cut down to the nodules of the stem and continue to feed and water until they grow and re-flower. Mine are currently all at this stage! *fingers crossed*

The maintenance of the lilies are fairly simple, cut of lime green dying stems back to the opening nodule, water so soil is moist, don't feed every time you water, prefers to be out of direct sunlight. [or is that just my lilies?] they let of no smell and apparently are meant to relax and inspire? 
As for the venus fly trap and cactus, I use rainwater if possible, which usually involves me hanging out of the window with a pint glass aha. Distilled water also does the trick and thankfully my step mother warned me not to put your fingers in the fly traps mouths -for amusement and "ooo's" and "aaa's" because this kills them! they only close to absorb the nutrients from the things they catch. 
having plant's and pet's are two of my favourite thing's about my home. Any of you guys into your house plant's? or have a bug for gardening? 

Any of you recognise these two? Phil spencer and Kirstie Allsopp on the "Kirstie and Phil's Perfect Christmas" three-parter which was broadcast last year. I really enjoyed it, I didn't have the 'perfect' christmas as planned, but watching these two show you how to make home-made Christmas crackers and iced presents [above] was something really lovely. Yes I know we are five month's off from Christmas season but I'm really thinking about hand-making my presents this year. I'm sure I could buy my mother some perfume or dvd's and my partner games and gadgets. But the idea of something I have made unique for them both seem's special and something to be encouraged!
Kirstie Allsopp who is personally my craft goddess- has her own series called "Kirstie's handmade Britain" the shows feature a series of craft conquering skills to master with that competitive edge as Kirstie enter's into craft competitions around the country. These competitions vary from food & drink,  mosaics, WI themed pieces, Flower arranging,  needlework and many more! 
The Series is still on 4od and I must have seen it three time's over since winter last year aha,
Her books are in stores and show more comprehensively the "How to's" of the crafts featured in the shows.  Check out her shows and Books! they are very inspiring and great for those of us who like to get creative!
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