Skulls and Roses

Hey guys! Im back after months of being a non-blogger!  I've been very busy with work and education and life in general really.  Firstly, I want to start off by wishing every lovely reader a blissful 2014 ahead of them! So far my year has started well, -fingers crossed.  
I've joined a gym and spa I'd been eyeing up for several months and finally found the motivation to get on it, so far not been that much due to my hours and trying to sort out a portfolio for uni application; which if anyone knows anything about please can you give me some little tips! :3
Right, so the banner above is just depicting some little thing's that I've been having fun with recently, my hair, as many of you already know is constantly changing and but I have finally settled (for now!) with a baby pink and lilac composition, inspired by my little ponies and a love for french macaroons, the picture of my above, although not very clear you can just about make out the stud in my nose! I got it pierced spontaneously whilst out with my best friend and I actually love how it looks :)  The happy face of a cat  with a crown in my new oversized top from Batoko which I loveee and looks great with my tattoo and glittery rip of converse. Last but not least is my gameboy pink :) been playing a lot of Pokemon recently since my boyfriend reintroduced me to the whole wondrous thing and now I'm addicted and devoted to levelling my Vulpix :)

My tattoo, an idea originally found on pinterest and I fell in love with it not usually into skulls but thought this design was so beautiful. My forth tattoo now and I was planning on not having anymore till I was twenty-five- that didn't work out! To co-inside with my latest inky addition I've been indulging at the fabulous Black Milk online store, firstly this Galaxy dress below, for me it's the most BM defining dress and the print is gorgeous the fits of their clothing show every curve and bump and do wonders for a push up bra!  
With joining this gym of mine I figured I needed a new swimsuit to mark the occasion and couldn't resist the Pegasus limited swimsuit and optional bodysuit. Any of you guys loving black milk and got any of their latest prints? Would love your comments on my new tatt girlies! xx


  1. Welcome back! I love your tattoo, they're definitely addictive though, I'm having my ninth (!) at the end of the month! x

  2. The tattoo is cool are you going to get it filled in?


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