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Hai guys :3 my posts seem to be getting slightly more regular as I'm adjusting all my time consuming activities around working on personal projects. This is just a ickle post about my latest purchase from the free  Being a hair dye enthusiast I get bored quickly and as my readers already know I change my colour almost weekly! I found out about hair chalk when a link for the free people's set was sent to me and was immediately curious how they worked and really what the point in them was.  The set I purchased contains around 24 different colours and shades of each to suit your mood and chalking desires.  As the box instructs and what is suggested through reviews I've read, follow these tips to achieve some fun colourful additions to your usual hair style :3

 * The way the colour takes is through dampening the hair in the areas you want to dye.
* Run the chalk lightly along the edge of the sectioned hair.
* Lightly use a hair dryer on a cool temperature
* Apply tongs or curling irons to areas coloured this helps the colour to stick to the hair for longer

-The colour will gradually be removed through shampooing the hair and lift without an fuss!
-Darker hair should really use vibrant strong colours to show up
-Personally for best results use on very clean well conditioned hair as the chalk can cause the hair to feel a bit dry.

Happy Chalking girlies!


  1. Nice! I used to dye my hair a lot but it was getting very damaged so now I stick to blond. I may give this a go sometime :)

  2. wow, looks gorgeous! I want to chalk my hair. But Not sure how well it would stand out on my black!
    Erica xo

  3. Amazing! I'm going to try this! x

  4. Gosh I am dying to try this, the only thing holding me back is, I don't want to look like mutton dressed as lamb as I am 52!! But loved seeing this post. Following you now on GFC, hope you can check my blog out too, only been writing for 4 weeks so need all the input/followers etc i can get.
    Angela x

  5. Your hair is beautiful!I think my hair is too dark for this :(


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