Christmas Haul 2013

Merry Christmas 2013 everyone, hope lots of lovely things were delivered Christmas morning for you all :3
I really had a lovely Christmas, my favourite part being buying the gifts for everyone, I love spending the time debating the best stocking fillers, cards and ribbon and am pleased to say everyone was happy with their presses on Xmas morning!  So now I want to jump on somewhat of a bandwagon with the Christmas haul posts and share with you a few things purchased and some things I got for Christmas in this post.

1.  Smashbox.  My mum got me a set of three primers from them, I've been meaning to invest in a new primer since my Laura Mercier one ran out a few months ago, they make such a difference and your skin is incredibly soft after.  The set consisted of a hydrating, photo finish and "luminizing" miniature trio. I've used all three and found the photo finish is my favourite and the most sleek. I'd definatly recommend smash box the products are lovely and last all day!

2. Bleach London hair products.  I've never used Bleach products before, I saw them on a 3for2 at Boot's and thought I'd stock up. The white toner and silver conditioner are always going to be good for me and regularly used as I always keep on top of a brassy free Blonde when my pink hair fades.  The Rose dye is semi permanent as they usually are, I'm very curious to see the colour result and will write a post when I have done so!

3. Sugar skull mug.  My Boyfriend got me this and I love him even more for it! it's been sitting on my wish list for months, I'm using it as a pen pot out of fear of smashing it!

4. Pink glitter hard iPhone case/ Topshop.  I got this after needing something to hold simply my iPhone and my credit card it's durable, tough, only £15 and covered in glittering sequins, need I say anymore?

5. Lush light star bath melt.  Soak in glitter.

6. Red or Dead pink glittered heels.  Again from my boyfriend,  love at first sight, these bad boys are for special occasions

7. White rabbit vintage fabric purse.  Christmas present don't know where it was bought from but I love the print and the fabric and its big enough to carry your change and your lipstick in !


  1. Pink and glittery?? I think we have similar tastes you and I =)


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

    1. YES! love my glitter, maybe a bit too much, find I leave a trail of it behind me, think it drives my boyfriend mad! :3
      following you now lovely xxx


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