Hello 2014


I've tried to not buy much after Christmas because I splurged on gift buying.  So far I've not done too badly but some stuff has sneaked through onto my bank balance, above as pictured are some of the things I couldn't resist. 

Iconemesis is a wonderful little online shop for your much needed iPhone case covers.  They work with independent artists to produce these truly lovely and unique accessories for your mobile.  Artists such as Sarah KingCat Sims and Fifi Lapin all feature in the designs available.  I couldn't resist the sale online at the moment and got my hands on the Fifi featured above, being a fashion design student seemed appropriate in a way and its so cute. 

Deborah Lippmann should win an award for making nail paint look so yummy, this leading to worry that maybe I will start biting my nails more as a result of purchasing her "I'm not edible" polish despite the name acting as a deterrent for such actions.  I found it online at a reduced price and at the time was torn between this one and the Illamasqua "Scarce" which is similar for the flecks in the paint  but more of a nude colour than lilac

- Delilah Dust  is where everyone should go for gorgeous pieces of jewellery, handcrafted and individually made and packaged for the customer, the shop sells beautiful Rings, Necklaces, top finger rings, bracelets and even iPhone cases too!  A lot of the items are made with rocks such as Amethyst, Agate & Crystal Quartz.  The pieces really are gorgeous and I couldn't resist the Druzy Fuchsia ring with the edged silver ring, the colour is amazing. 

I'd like to say for the sake of saving money this was everything I've ended up buying in sales this month but unfortunately i'd be lying.  I've had the second few hours of my tattoo done it's still yet to be coloured in, I go to an amazing guy in Chester city centre who I've been going to for almost a year now and his work is immaculate.  Check him out here.  On the ASOS sale I found a lovely Paul and Joe make up bag I NEEDED and have had a few lovely items from Crown and Glory, which I will post about soon enough separately :3

Best Wishes, 


  1. I love those nail varnishes! I think they look like little speckled easter eggs :P xxx

    1. I know right! I'm almost in season for april! :) xx

  2. I splurged on christmas gift shopping too - mainly on my mum's present! So I am also keeping an eye on my spending this month (and probably next month too, and the next! Boo to being a grown up!) I love the nail polish you've featured here, and the phone case is just the CUTEST!! xxx


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