BlackMilk/ Game Of Thrones

Okay, so I was totally excited when I caught a glimpse of the collection BlackMilk have done inspired by the brilliant HBO show Game of Thrones.  The collection includes the staple fitted and skater dress, leggings and swimsuit all in a variable of G.O.T themes including the Westeros landscape, dragon scales  and house asscoaited shooter tops.  
I couldn't resist my inner Daenerys Targaryen and got the Westeros fitted dress, I have one of the galaxy print dresses and I love how figure hugging it is.  This collection has to be one of the coolest I've seen recently and I'm thankful in a way my student finance hasn't come through yet because it would already be spent! 
Check the video out HERE for the collection.

Who doesn't want to look as badass as Dany?

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