Top buys for April 2014

Hemsley & Hemsley/ "The art of eating well"- £25.00
Flamingo Candle/ Classic jar- £12.00
John Lewis/ Mini sewing machine in Fuchsia- £49.00
Love from Hetty & Dave/ Personalised double heart brooch- £38.00

Spring/Summer for me is about pinks, mint greens, more salads and less hot foods, fresh smelling rooms and hazy afternoon sunshine.  Maybe, (if everything goes according to plan) I will getting a new place with my boyfriend in the Summer months to come.  I've been stashing away new tea towel sets, fairy lights and decorations to save for the new pad and can't wait to really personalise a new environment.
I want homely with a sense of kitsch, light rooms with pale colours and very particular lighting for the evening time. I'm probably going to incorporate my use of Pinterest to create a room decor ideas board! My top buys for April are based on my love of cooking, sewing, sweet smells and personalised jewellery. 

  I came across the family based business earlier last month and have been keeping track of the websites recipes and online blog. I love my cookery books and new ideas to try and make, the chocolate cookie recipe looks delicious and these Coconut iced banana malt cakes are amazing! 

Coconut iced banana malt cakes/ Chocolate Chip Cookies
/Flamingo Candles
  These candles are amazing, I've wanted one for ages BUT, I can't decide on a scent! The flavours range anywhere from Candyfloss Candy shop, Bubblegum to White tea and mint. YUM.

  Need I say more? it's hot pink or fuchsia and has the smaller more portable size of a mini machine.  I do like the idea of building up a bit of stash of machines to keep for different things. My singer which sits looking very regal is un-used because I'm too worried I'll damage it and my Brother is still half way though decoration. 

  I love anything I can swear which is personalised, Hetty & Dave provide just that from these brooches to necklaces. Hetty & Dave sell all types of accessories and jewellery in bright leathers, hand stitched in fun designs like watermelons and tigers. 

Amy Winehouse wearing the heart brooch/ My version from Mollie Makes issue 36 template

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