Spring Prints

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My May looks to be turning into a month orientated around fabric, florals, sewing tools and a dash of polka dots for good measure.   I've got little left of two months to finish my year at university until September with two finished garments to be completed, styled/ photographed and modelled, so no pressure then?
I've just started my new job at Cath Kidston (eeeee!) so thats going to be brilliant for inspiration but terrible for my bank balance! (I already have a new outfit) See above.
My new Paperchase organiser you can see also, is yet to be unpackaged as it only commences from July this year.  I am constantly trying to find ways to keep myself organised in the most efficient way possible and this beautifully patterned diary should do just that.  You can probably also make out a cheeky box of Viennese truffles, these were a little treat for myself from Thornton's and absolutely gorgeous and the box has conveniently doubled up as a holder for my rings (well thats my justification for buying them anyway! ;])

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